65 photos that inspire a trip to India

A selection of 65 pictures from India and capricious little number, as well as the title of this entry is made. India asked for more, so the list extends to 80 images of a huge country (as might have been 100, or 200, or the number to imagine).


Jedimentat44  (in the monastery of Spiti valley)

With a complex, multifaceted country, the selection also results in a failure to reflect it completely. India is overwhelming not only for its size but also for its “billion and both” people, their history, the complexity of their customs and culture (with a high degree of syncretism), beliefs, influences joined by thousands of years to their own. The images try to run before a thousand words the diversity of regions, landscapes, climates, cities, towns. India on the other hand, in terms of country, does not need too preface …

Thatphotobooth (in Jaisalmer)

Kerala Tourism  (in the hills of Munnar)

Bruno Girin

Image  Christopher Walker  (In Jodhpur)

Vinoth Chandar  (in Kerala)

Ryan  (On Golden Temple Amristsar)

Image P aul Nicholas Cicaré Taibi  (In Chand Baori, the temple of a thousand steps)

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