Books to better understand India

Next we will give brief synopsis of some of the best known books on India . When traveling, one of the best ways to know which country is headed we know its history and culture. Of course, reading everything we show take a long time but at least we can help you weigh to choose a book about this amazing country. All are very easy to find in bookstores and online. We hope that after choosing one, enjoy your reading.

Books on India

My experiences with truth (Gandhi): This is Gandhi’s autobiography written with absolute sincerity, and should be considered as his spiritual heritage. Characterized by his generosity and his search for truth, the apostle of non-violence is the character of our time that has believed in man, the dignity and duty of wisdom.

Divergent PDF (Veronica Roth) : A classic. Imperative. Synopsis: The drought is due to Hasari Pal and his family exodus to Calcutta, the sprawling city. Step by step witnessing the decline of the farmer, horse become man, sick in bed, tuberculosis, among lepers in the giant shantytown.

V islumbres India : the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1990 Octavio Paz, is a magnificent book written in 1995 (he died in 1998) in which the writer conveys the message she got this country after having been ambassador to the 1962 and 1968 at the same time the author tells us his experiences gives us an analysis of the history of India, their religion, politics and society how it fits in this country. Anyone who has been to India thinks “is not normal” everything that happens there because we see it from a Western point of view. With this book gets Octavio Paz we achieve this understanding.

Midnight’s Children (Salman Rushdie): Baroque and burlesque Saga taking place in the heart of modern India, this novel is a gruesome contemporary picaresque autobiography of the author of the famous Satanic Verses.

India: (VS Naipaul Nobel Literature 2001.): Stroked without prejudice or sentimentality, lucid, tender and sarcastic view of India that Naipaul offers is a living representation of a complex society in which modernity is woven on a background Traditional. The confrontation between Muslims and Hindus, changes in the role of women, the survival of the ancient rituals, the dynamic film industry, the new literature, changes in the family institution and the permanence of the caste system are aspects that do not escape the sharp look of Naipaul .

The smell of India: The chronicle of a fascination:  Written around a journey through the Indian subcontinent in 1961, The smell of India is the chronicle of a long infatuation. Immersed in a reality so distant, Pasolini weaves a text in which, often, the anthropological and ethical inquiry coexists with the fascination with the unknown: on the one hand the beauty of the temples of Varanasi, Bombay nights, the banks of Ganges, all the charm of a foreign land and incomprehensible; on the other, the horro of existence that leads there: “life in India, has the characters of unbearability” Pasolini says.

The fault in our stars pdf (John Green) :  The author recounts how he started his romantic affair with India since arriving many years. Account comoCollins, arrives in New Delhi to write the remarkable story of Indian independence from the British Empire. This will be the start of a wonderful love story, born from this first trip strong, intense and sincere relationship between India and the writer, who has since devoted entirely to humanitarian aid. India, mon amour. An unforgettable hymn to life and hope, united by a common thread that comes from an Indian proverb: “All that is not given is lost.”

India: Legends and Customs:   Going to the point and enjoyable to read. Answer all the questions about India: Why are sacred cows? What is the caste system? What the marks mean on the forehead, and the colors of the turbans? And for dessert, a wide selection of popular legends.

The Bandit Queen ( Phoolan Devi) : Successful portrait of the world of castes in India. Official biography of the famous Bandit Queen. Phoolan fight for freedom in a hopeless situation. He suffered the worst humiliations low caste girl may suffer. But she chose to rebel and become “The Bandit Queen” until its surrender, negotiated under the government of Indira Ganghi.

Tonight freedom  (Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins) tells the fall of the British Empire in 1947 and the birth of India and Pakistan, following the footsteps of the last Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten and Mahatma Ghandi. The book concludes with the assassination of the latter. To write  tonight freedom , Lapierre  and Collins  took four years of efforts, traveled 250,000 miles and using every conceivable means of locomotion, including horse and elephant, and collected thousands of pages of archive, photographs and unpublished documents. 

A good game (Vikram Seth):  Considered the most complete novel about Indian society. “You too will marry whom I say,” says Mrs Rupa Mehra Lata her daughter at the beginning of this story.Since then, finding a good match for Lata becomes the engine of this extraordinary cool fifties India, a country still staunch the wounds of its recent independence and the trauma of Partition;where modernization efforts encounter the ancient customs of centuries of tradition and where marriages are concluded by family interests.

The  wagon women:  Akhila, a forty-something, single, and who has always relied on her family, feels a sudden urge to run away from everything. In the van of a train through India toward the south, is traveling with five others with whom they share confidences. Janaki, a confused mother;Margaret, a professor of chemistry with a tyrannical husband; Prabha, a submissive wife who seeks his true identity; Sheela, a girl of fourteen who covers the last wishes of her grandmother better than anyone; Marikolanthu, who has lived more experiences than all of them together; and Akhila, who hopes that they will change your life. Six characters who cross “The wagon women” to find love, marriage, family, friendship and work in India … and the world.

The God of Small Things : A tale of three generations of a family in the region of Kerala, in southern India, which scatters the world and is reunited in their homeland. A story is many stories.The English girl Sophie Moll who drowned in a river and whose accidental death marked forever the lives of those who were involved.

In the land of cows without eyes : An exciting action adventure, love and pain that reveals the inner life of Hindu women. A series of unforgettable characters face an unjust war that threatens their lives, their ways of thinking and feeling. A kind of spiritual journey that will lead them to explore and discover an almost unknown to Western world.


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