Interior design and furniture India

India, with its history, religions, spiritual and magical aspects has created a culture that is also perfectly reflected in art, and why not, in the art of design and decoration. We can see in these images vivid colors, variety of textures, materials Living Room Paint Ideas. They can be of great inspiration for general or themed.


These pictures are from La Maison Coloniale , which offers among its product catalogs this very special collection called “Essence of India”. The furniture is made ​​in traditional way and according to ancient traditions. Clearly designs and furnishings reflect the encounter you enter the eastern and western cultures.

In Hindu environments have in colors, with a palette of warm shades mainly that may accompany natural. Or in another case only natural earthy tones. Gold is a very common color, wood of all kinds, especially dark, natural fibers like bamboo. Other essential supplements are known rugs, furs, chests or boxes and works of art or religious.

Flowers for Indian wedding

Flowers play a very important role to decorate an Indian wedding paper. From traditional Mandap or completely covered with flowers, to floral centerpieces at the reception, shop ceremonial flowers represent most of the decorations in traditional wedding ceremonies in India.There are five commonly used flowers that can be used alone or in combination with other types of flowers in both the ceremony and the reception decor.


Calendula is a flower for traditional Indian weddings that adds sparkle and color to the decor. Both Orange and yellow marigolds are appropriate for an Indian wedding. You can choose to use a single color or combine to enhance the presentation.


marigold image by Igor Pashin from Florists Shrewsbury.


White Jasmine is a flower that is used in traditional weddings of South India, which is elegant and subtle fragrance that makes it a versatile tool to use in decorating flower. Jasmine can be used alone for a modern Indian-American wedding, or can be combined with exotic flowers in bright colors for a more traditional style of India.


marigold image by Igor Pashin from


Orchids of any color can be used in decorating, making them a versatile option. A chain of orchids can be used to decorate the Mandap or the bride carries a bouquet of these flowers. The white, pink or purple orchids are appropriate options.


marigold image by Igor Pashin from


Red roses are the flowers to be considered for an Indian-American Wedding. Red roses can be combined with orange or yellow marigolds to pay tribute to the two cultures. Red roses can also be used exclusively on their own.


marigold image by Igor Pashin from


The gerberas are available in almost every color imaginable, being the easiest flowers to match with the color scheme of your wedding. This is a very informal flower and simple look, ideal for informal Indian weddings. Mix and match various colors of gerberas for a vibrant and bold look.

Traveling to India from home: books and movies

I have not slept for days. Give me three, four, and still with eyes wide open. I’m nervous, I admit; did not have this feeling since December 2009.

Yesterday, when at three o’clock, tired as he was, he was unable to digest a line over Salman Rushdie’s novel I’m reading, I got to get one of the guides I bought ahead of this impending trip to India and entertain opening its pages randomly, without seeking anything specific.

It was worse. I started reading about how I reach Indira Gandhi Airport to central Delhi and when I figured that plane down and mingling among people, it gave me a knot in my stomach that made ​​me sit up in bed.

I kept turning pages. And when my eyes met by chance in a hostel or a place remembered state clearly visualized every situation there lived and knot the stomach became butterflies flapping violently, waking up even more. A disaster; at least, I think my dark circles this morning.

Long ago I did not feel well. It did not occur to me when I did the Trans , nor when I flew to New Zealand . Given those trips I was excited, but not to these ends. To me, India gives me life . I do not lose sleep any concern or uncertainty about what you can find me there, but rather my reaction to it. Me and my emotions.

Anyway, enough introduction to the topic today really wanted to address: books and movies to travel to India . Yes, also from home.These days I’m surrounded by them, and have found it a good idea to share that, together, make as complete a list as possible. I start, and will be adding more as I remember them.

However, to do this even longer than it already is (and what will grow) post, I will limit myself to link to a page where you yourselves may be able to get more information, and at most explicitly recommending those most me have liked. Those who sugiráis you and I have not read, I will add to the list simply referring to the source to be you who tell why recomendáis through the comments.

Books and Novels / about India

India inside: a cultural guide for the traveler , Alvaro Enterría. [Personally, the best book I’ve read about India. After more than two decades living in the Indian subcontinent, Alvaro Enterría elaborates this remote guidance of topics and exaggerations, which addresses such diverse subjects as history, religion, customs, family, even daring art … policy.]

White Tiger , Aravind Adiga. [A wonderful novel, ligerita and readable, in which through letters addressed to the Chinese Premier, a humble man from a small village in “The Darkness” presents itself as an entrepreneur, recounting his adventures and misadventures to become a “free man”]

Midnight’s Children ., Salman Rushdie [At midnight on August 15, 1947, at the same time that India achieved Independence, Saleem Sinai is born: a gifted man of extraordinary smell and the gift of telepathy. It is very difficult to summarize in a few lines this novel, so I will just say … a must!]

The ground beneath their feet , Salman Rushdie. [Another great book by Rushdie]

The God of Small Things ., Arundhati Roy [tells the story of three generations of a family in southern India, with all that this type of sagas involving: many stories, many characters, loves, hates, joys, failures, grudges … It has been compared often with Hundred Years of Solitude]

 Delirium book pdf by Lauren Oliver. [Although in my opinion the way it is written is far from satisfactory-or is that my translation was bad – this is definitely one of the hardest books I’ve read. The story of a man from the country who emigrated to Kolkata with his family to finish rickshaw driver working and living in a slum. Misfortune after misfortune and a heavy heart from the first to the last page.]

Sylvia day captivated by you pdf, Sylvia Day [A must for those interested in the history of this country reading; in this case, its independence, the birth of India and Pakistan as two separate countries and the role of Mahatma Gandhi in all this, among other things]

It was midnight in Bhopal , Dominique with Javier Moro.

India, 14-24 wagon , Ignacio Carrión.

Passion India , Javier Moro. [To me, honestly, I bored a little … But I include it because I’ve read and the end of the day has its fame. The argument, as everyone knows, is based on the diaries and the real story of Anita Delgado, the Andalusian who married the Maharaja of Kapurthala in the early twentieth century.]

The red sari , Javier Moro. [Recommended by Soledad via Facebook]

The Collector of Worlds , Ilija Trojanow. [Recommended by Ivan in the comments]

I nightfall in Kathmandu , Chema Rodriguez. [Recommended by Ricardo via Facebook. In his words: “I found it funny novel with a bit of mysticism and much reality of India’s adaptation to the script of Night Falls in India, film is rolling now.”]

Where the stones are gods , of Norman Lewis. [Recommended by Serendipity via Facebook]

The wagon Women , Anita Nair. [Recommended by Serendipity via Facebook]

Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors. [Recommended by Serendipity via Facebook]

Holy Cow , Sarah MacDonald. [Recommended by Isabel via Facebook. “Because it’s extremely fun and takes you on a spiritual journey through all religions of India”]

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. [Recommended by Isabel via Facebook. “Count the experiences of a fugitive Australian prison system while remade his life in the slums of Mumbai”]

The encounter with reality , Vicente Ferrer. [Recommended by Iván via Facebook]

Vicente Ferrer, The Silent Revolution , Albert Oliveras. [Recommended by Iván via Facebook]

The Rains Came , Louis Bromfield [Recommended by viajesinergia on Twitter]

The sky of Bombay , Thrity Umrigar. [Recommended by Bea ]

An idea of India , by Alberto Moravia. [Recommended by Bea]

Nehru. The intervention of India ,  of Shashi Tharoor. [Recommended by Bea]

I love India , Ramiro Street [Recommended by ]

The granddaughter of the Maharani , Maha Akhtar. [Recommended by]

Sacred Games , Vikram Chandra. [Recommended by Alisetter on Twitter]

Travel Journal. Letters from India, China and Tibet , Alexandra David-Neel. [Recommended byAlisetter on Twitter]

Passage to India by EM Forster. [Recommended by anguabipolar on Twitter]

My God , Martin Caparros. [recommended by Ailin in the comments Essay]

The smell of India , Pier Paolo Pasolini. [Recommended by Ailin in the comments]

Station aromas of Amulya Malladi. [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

Raj , Gita Mehta.  [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

Gora: A youth in India ., Tagore  [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

The seller of saris , Rupa Bajwa.  [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

A married woman , Manju Kapur.  [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

The perfect balance of Rohinton Mistry.  [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice , Tahir Shah [Recommended by Guillermo via Facebook]

In Asia , by Tiziano Terzani. [Recommended by Mochileando Asia in the comments]

The dancer and English , Emilio Calderon. [Recommended by Ana in the comments]

Dreams of India , Jesus Menendez. [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

Travel to India , Ramiro Street.  [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

The house of sacred scents , Shilpa Agarwal.   [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

The guy on the beach , Ardashir Vakil.  [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

The Death of Vishnu , Manil Suri in.  [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

India , VS Naipaul.  [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

Some titles linked to the Trans-Himalayan and Himalayan Indians (recommended by Oscar in the comments) :

Sota cel Tushita , Enric Soler. ( In Catalan) 

The Lost Years of Sherlock Holmes , Jamyang Norbu of.

The Buda Hills , Javier Moro.

Shangri-La. A travel guide to the Himalayan Dream , Michael Buckley.

Lost Horizon by James Hilton

Films and documentaries from / to India

Apu Trilogy ( Pather Panchali , Aparajito and The World of Apu ) directed by Satyajit Ray. [Simply delicious, no words to describe it].

Trilogy:  FireEarth and  Water , directed by Deepa Mehta [Each with its own character. Essential]

Gandhi , directed by Richard Attenborough. [A blockbuster with classic status]

Slumdog Millionaire , directed by Danny Boyle. [anyone who has not seen this film remains? And I read the book on which it is based?Wonderful both.]

Monsoon Wedding , directed by Mira Nair. [-at can be slow at times and done, the only common thread is preparing a wedding-to be missing “chicha”. But it’s beautiful, musical … if you love India, you’ll like]

Darjeeling Limited ., directed by Wes Anderson  [I personally found it very loose … but has recom Aitor on Facebook and thematic India, so include it because everyone likes the colors were made;)]

The river , directed by Jean Renoir. [His descriptions are pure poetry]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel , directed by John Madden. [Recommended by caminomundos on Twitter]

Ready directed by Anees Bazmee [Recommended by the guys at Salta Conmigo . Any reason? In his commentary]

Salaam Bombay! , directed by Mira Nair. [Recommended by Bea]

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India , directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. [Recommended by politvs and]

Delhi Belly , directed by Abhinay Deo. [Recommended by Patty via Facebook]

The Namesake , directed by Mira Nair . [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

The Mistress of Spices , directed by Paul Mayeda Berges. [Recommended by Silvia in the comments]

You only live once , directed by Zoya Akhtar. [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

Lucky by chance , directed by Zoya Akhtar. [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

Children’s red light district , directed by Ross Kauffman. [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

The revolution of roses saris , directed by Kim Longinotto. [Recommended by Lucia in the comments]

Legends of India , the BBC and presented by Michael Wood. [Documentary six chapters recommended by Albert in the comments]

Calcutta , directed by Louis Malle. [Recommended by politvs]

Baraka directed by Ron Fricke. [There is a documentary exclusively on India, but have recommended so in the comments is included in our list]

As I said, this is just the beginning. Are you a true book or movie  that is not listed? Help me build this little hemeroteca on India :)