Indian baby carrier scarf

The Didymos scarves , created over 30 years ago in India, combining softness, lightness and good support. The Didymos Indian scarves are woven jacquard. This scarf really is the answer to the question “what is the best baby carrier for nursing?”.  Didymos scarves are the best baby carrier for newborn.

  • The Indian cotton scarf is very soft scarf with some elasticity and easy to adjust. Made with 100% organic cotton.
  • The Indian hemp and cotton scarf has the support and thermoregulation properties of hemp and soft and spongy feeling Didymos Indian scarves. It is an excellent ideal to wear in winter and summer scarf for big kids!
  • The Indian linen and cotton scarf , with the support and the coolness of linen and beautiful plot of Indian scarves didymos is ideal for summer and components of a single layer in older children scarf.

Sizes available:

  • Size 4 (3.70m) is a measure of short / medium scarf that lets you kangaroo knots and others that do not require much fabric (advanced use).
  • Size 5 (4.20m) is a measure of long scarf that will serve you for all knotted if you’re of average build.
  • Size 6 (4.70m) is a measure of long scarf that will serve you for all knotted if you’re a big build.

Ayurveda: Indian medicine and health benefit

Dr. Thakur Dass, a specialist in alternative medicine, indicates that Ayurvedic like kamagra is an ancient holistic treatment, which originated in India and cure both the physical body, such as mental.

Ayurvedic medicine specialist said that the body consists of five elements: fire, water, earth, space and air. Thus, treatment is determined considering the constitution of each person and applied against almost all diseases as it is put to work in the body’s defenses against all kinds of diseases.

With Ayurveda can treat diseases like diabetes and even cancer, preventively. According to the expert, a treatment that has many followers in India is currently called “Prana”, considered as crucial as it is the vital energy that involves breathing exercises combined with yoga exercises. Thakur Dass says that “only with breathing are healing”.

Thakur Dass, who also specializes in acupressure, neuropathy and jyotish; said the medicine that is prescribed Ayurveda is based on natural products such as fruits, herbs, spices, among others. For his part, Dr. Renan Horna Figueroa, surgeon and president of the IV National Congress and II International Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies, argues that natural medicine should occupy the Scientific rightful place, traditional, alternative and complementary skills should be differentiated of folk medicine and shamanic. In his opinion, “a holistic medicine that cures all three levels at once requires: emotional (mind), energy and body”.

Ayurveda includes diet and emphasizes the use of body, mind and spirit in the prevention and treatment of diseases. It is what is called a mind-body medicine, whose premise is to awaken the natural balance of mind-body system to heal itself.