Movies recommended for your trip to India

India is the world, ahead of Hollywood film industry first . It is a factory that produces hundreds of movies a year. And at the same time India is a suggestive place, which has served as a stage for many arguments and stories on the big screen.
Here we collect some recommended films on xmovies8 – one of the most popular website to watch series online free to the ones who want to enjoy a trip to India… or, why not, to enjoy more travel that you did and recognize places, people, anecdotes.

It is a list of many possible. In fact we encourage you to share your favorite movies here, with us.

Gandhi, portada de la películaGandhi.
It is not a film of Indian nationality, but this is the life of one of the most famous people in the history of this country. Essential for many of the events that marked the fate of millions of people, including the Indian independence and partition in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Wonderful film starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Richard Attenborough.

We can not forget of Deepa Mehta, Indian Director based in Canada that usually provide a very personal point of view of the Indian reality:
Fuego, portada película


It is essential to reflect on the importance of the Indian family, with their characteristic values, traditions and secrets.
Ashok and Radha have 15 years married, their traditional roles to play to perfection. The mother and brother of the husband also live with them. But the family grows and revolutionizes is when brother marries Sita.


Tierra, portada película


Places us at the time of the Indian particicion, in 1947, and how this affects the harmony in a group of Hindu and Muslim friends.
Full emancipation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi (late 1930s), somewhere in india in an 8-year-old girl he married an old man who dies that night. Following the fate that marks the tradition, the young wife prepares is joining an ashram for widows where you must spend the rest of his life.

Bollywood / Hollywood.
With a more playful approach, but not without background or social criticism, Deepa Mehta is the story of a young man and wife rico Indian Canadian citizen fighting for his family to leave to try to find him. Again the clash between the traditional values and modernity, and reflection and questioning on moral principles.

Monsoon wedding.
Directed by Mira Nair in 2001, it is a very-award-winning film that uses as an excuse to show conflicts between modernity and tradition and certain moral values of the current India preparations for a wedding. To punjabi style, the film is full of color, music and dancing.

Apu trilogy.

Apu-portada2If we look at more classic film, it is inevitable to make reference to the called Apu trilogy, by the renowned director Satyajit Ray. His three films:
Pather Panchali (The song of the road), Aparajito and Apu Sansar (the world of Apu) narrates the story of a family from the East of the country struggling against bad luck. The father makes a living as a priest and healer and mother struggles to feed her family. Then born Apu, the new son, who grows and learns to reach maturity over the different films, facing a world in which it is not easy to overcome.

Lagaan-portada películaLagaan, once upon a time in India.
Nominated for the Oscar for best film removed, is one of the best-known and winners of Indian cinema films. The argument is striking, funny and gives rise to discover many tracks of the Indian character and way of life in their villages.
“During the English occupation of the India, the inhabitants of a small village are reluctant to pay the tax that the British officers have doubled. Faced with protests decided to resolve the conflict by playing a game of cricket: If win the peasants, shall indemnify it rates.

Swades portada películaSwades, we the people.
Another classic that massively filled the rooms in India. It is the story of an Indian immigrant in the USA who leads a life of success and returns to India with the intention to be with her nanny. It is a journey of initiation in which rediscovers its roots.


And it is worth mentioning some big blockbusters. Typical films that everyone has seen, something like “popular classics”… Although today will perhaps be more difficult to find.Although in the case of blockbuster movies in India and given the Indian passion for cinema… the list would be endless.

dilwale dulhaniaDilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (The Big Hearted Will Take Away The Bride)
On the dilemma of marriage for love against the arranged marriage. A beautiful love story in the style of Bollywood, full of hit songs and dances.

Qayamat is Qayamat Tak (From The End To The End)
Another love story without family consent, with a soundtrack that everyone recognized in India.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? (Who Am I To You?)
The preparations for a wedding give rise to one of the most classic films of Indian cinema.

Top 5 Fitness experts on Twitter in India

Are you concerned about your health and wellbeing? Most of us! Fitness has become an important factor in our life today, given the lifestyle that we live. Our fitness levels have taken a trip to the south, and many of us are suffering from chronic diseases. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that we can recover our physical form. A number of real fitness experts are always there to guide us toward better health.

Social media is playing an active role in spreading awareness about healthy living. Twitter is a social networking platform as where you can connect to some fitness experts influential and popular in India.What could be more rewarding than receiving tweets fitness by these fitness enthusiasts and motivated to stay fit and active? Let’s look at five fitness experts to follow on Twitter.

Top fitness experts on Twitter


Rujuta Diwekar is known celebrity nutritionist based in Mumbai. It was voted among the 50 most powerful in India by the popular magazine in 201 people is also the proud winner of the “Nutrition Award” presented by the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. He wrote the book “Do not lose your head, lose weight.” He was the person behind the body of fab Kareena Kapoor in ‘Tashan’. Rujuta his trained to reach the zero size. The celebrities like Anil Ambani, Anupam Kher, Karishma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor in her client list. Follow her on Twitter today to great health tips. Also she is now working as a counselor on Nutrition ans Supplement field at Washington DC Personal Trainer.


Yasmin Karachiwala is a fitness expert and celebrity clients include Katrina Kaif, Leander Paes, Rhea Pillai, Imran Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma and many more. It has its own gym and is called “body image”.The gym is designed to bring the highest level of health and wellness for its customers. For her, the gym is a combination of adequate food, exercise and lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter for more updates on how to live healthy.


Deanne expert Panday is a former model turned celebrity fitness, lifestyle coach and CEO of Panday Trading Pvt. Ltd. She is also the author of “Shut Up and Train”. This book, he says, will answer all your questions about the formation of the correct way to get your body naturally. He trained Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor, Abhay Deol and many other celebrities. Follow her on Twitter to get the latest updates on your fitness mantra.


Vinod Channa is a fitness trainer of Mumbai, with over 20 years experience in this field. It has popular celebrities, athletes and professionals for their client list. Its customers include many Bollywood celebrities like Ritesh Deshmukh, John Abraham, Sohail Khan, Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and leading businessmen as Vikas Behal, Ajgaonkar Builders and Kiran Kulkarni. Follow him in contact with his latest tweet.


Payal is a Bollywood celebrity trainer of yoga. She believes that yoga works effectively in the nervous system and balancing postures like asanas help control your mind and achieve stability in the body.Praanayams also help control breathing pattern and keep diseases at bay. Follow Payal learn some powerful effects and benefits of yoga for your mind and body.

We spend hours on Twitter and Facebook play meaningless. Why not make the best use of these social media tools and achieve a healthier body? Words can change lives, and today the tweets can do the same! Follow these fitness experts celebrities on Twitter and maybe you can get some jewelry from his vast knowledge accumulated in the field of health and fitness.

India fight against child slavery

If you can rely on Indian statistics, 90% of households with household employees prefer maids from 12 to 15 years. Last Tuesday, however, entered into force a law that prohibits these tasks to minors of 14 years, which may not work in the hundreds of thousands of street stalls of food (dhobas), tea houses, restaurants and hotels that are employed, according to the NGOs, some 20 million minor Indians. Many work more than 12 hours a day for an average of ten euro salary per month.

The Government, however, argues that the new law affects only 185,000 employees children’s home – mostly girls – and 70,000 employees of street stalls and catering – mostly children-. “Actual numbers are very difficult to know because it’s children hidden behind the doors of a House,” says Carlotta Barcaro, responsible for one of Unicef programmes against child labour.

Occasionally, the police made a RAID and freeing hundreds of slaves


  • More than 80% of the 2,000 million of the world’s children suffer physical punishment and facing lack of commercial playground equipment manufacturers.

Slavery is abolished in India, but only on paper. In reality, there are millions of children working in slave conditions after having been delivered to employers by their parents, who are those who agreed and in many cases receive the salary. In 1986, the Government issued the first Ordinance against child labour in seven sectors and trades known as ‘dangerous’, to which have been added in recent years other 63, ranging from mining to construction, the pyrotechnic industry and carpet weaving.

Occasionally, the police made a RAID and “frees” some hundreds of slaves, who after a few days again in 90% of cases the same work, said the forum for child workers and street, which brings together 35 NGOs.“The law only forbids, does not offer solutions to the problems. That is not the way to end the exploitation and child slavery”, says Zaved Nafis Rahman, Assistant social Butterflies, an NGO dedicated to the support of children in india’s capital.

UNICEF, however, which has worked closely with the Government of Manmohan Singh for the elaboration of the approved standard on July 10, with a period of three months for its entry into force, argues that “the law is a step in the right direction” and that is a step forward towards the protection of the rights of the child. For Unicef, the law is not the end of the road, but rather the principle, which should rest on a comprehensive system, including from compulsory education to support the families of child workers, so that they can leave his job without damaging the family’s meager finances.

“Only in New Delhi there are more than 400,000 child workers, of which 50,000 live in the street”, says Zaved, 27-year-old and with five experience in child care. Zaved, which stigmatizes the law of “cosmetic”, ensures that if it has any effect will be negative because the Government cannot ask employers that they fired the children without preparing a place to accommodate them and educate them. “Many will fall into prostitution and the majority will be more exposed than before to abuse because now her work is illegal,” it stresses. The new law imposes on employers sanctions from 10,000 to 20,000 rupees (one euro has 56 rupees) and prison terms of one to two years.

The sex industry exploits hundreds of thousands of Indian children and is where major abuses and violence occur. They are authentic “sex slaves” exposed to a myriad of diseases and death, while nobody claims their tiny bodies. Many of the children from the brothels of big cities have been previously sold by their wretched parents the mafias of sex, which also practice the abduction and rape to make sure new workers.

The figures of the exploitation of children in India are overwhelming.Including agriculture, where almost all of the 800 million farmers employed at least full-time part-time and unpaid to their children, there are more than 100 million children engaged in adult jobs. Of these about 20% work in conditions of slavery in the entire range of the economy, starting with the domestic service.

The problem is the endemic poverty of a large part of the population, which is still benefiting from the enormous economic boom experienced by India in the last 15 years. According to Satyavir Singh, 32-year-old with experience in child-support 10 “boom, by contrast, has brought higher employment of children in some of the prohibited dangerous sectors more than one decade ago, as the construction”.

Construction fever has taken over India, yet very little machinery is used and the weight of the activity lies with workers who load, unload, transport and hand climb very heavy material. In addition, in good part of the work without protection and children are the first victims of the accident.

In what Government and NGOs are fully agree is on increasing callsChildline (children phone). These lines phone, which operate 24 hours, have become the salvation of many children who, directly or through a neighbor who listens to shock or abuses, denounce the abusers or violators, allowing his rescue and his admission to a reception centre.

Schools in the street and money in the Bank

Sameer is 13 years old and two that went from his home in the State of Jharkhand, one of India’s poorest, to try their luck in New Delhi. He spent a year in a printing press for 1,000 rupees a month (18 euros). Now works only in the afternoon for 40 rupees and morning attends classes that gives the NGO Butterflies in a park.

In the shade of a tree and surrounded by trash, goats and indigent, the master grab Ali Chaudhry AC game with writing, sport, and arithmetic. It has 70 students aged 9 to 15, though it is rare the day attending more than 20. “All work in factories, in tea houses or collecting between the garbage that can be sold. Many sniffed glue and stay asleep or not wanting to nothing,”said Chaudhry.

An infinite sadness is reflected in the large eyes of Sameer, confessing that life in the big city is “more difficult” than at home, where he does not return for fear that his father hit by have escaped. The boy sleeps only in the streets of the area.

He came, tells his master, without knowing a single letter and in less than a year has passed the basic skills and prepares to examine in April 3rd primary school. At this time, Sameer has managed to save 120 rupees, which has delivered to the master so that you store them in the infant Bank opened by Butterflies to support the finances of child workers. His dream is to learn English, to have a good job. Your employer not to spank, but insults him.

These schools outdoor education programme includes civic education, in a way that children learn that they have rights. Sameer already knows that a new law prohibits work to children of their age as servants or in the hospitality industry. “With this law we will die of hunger,” he says.


In the free software world there are several distributions designed for audio that may be useful for those who work in technical management or  project workflow software or the edition of sound on a community radio station. If we incorporate to our radios or communication projects this kind of tools we can reach a more profitable use of the computers we have.

A distribution of free software is a set of applications or assembled programs that allow you to easily install a GNU/Linux system. A distribution allows you to install all the necessary operating system to run the machine.

There are numerous distributions, some of which specialize in particular computer uses as in the case of distributions designed for audio.

These distributions and programs containing them were developed by the community of free software developers and allow us to use the computer in a different way, and above all do not restrict our freedoms of use, sharing, modification and adaptation of the programs with which we work. Hence the importance that community radio stations and other organizations use this type of software that is consistent with their projects political – cultural.

Many of these distributions, for example, handle toolset Jack. These can control centrally the different connections of sound, at the same time allowing to manage latency, that is, the time that it takes the computer processing musical notes and issue them through the speakers.

One of the distributions with greater development designed for musicians, djs, film-makers and graphic designers is Musix, born distribution in Argentina, although it is available in several languages. Musix has programs forediting, streaming, midi, mixers, dj’s, among others. Highlights RoseGarden andArdour to edit sounds. (

There is also “Ubuntu Studio”, which although it is not an official development of theUbuntu distribution is an important community that develops and maintains it, andshares many of the programs that use Musix ( Thisdistribution is aimed not only at work audio but also video and graphics, addingentertainment programs 2 and 3 D.
Demudi is a distribution that was an important development in its infancy by thesupport of the European Commission - institution of the European Union - as part ofAGNULA, who sought to create two distributions designed for audio and music.Despite the fact that he has no support, the distribution is still alive and may be anoption when it comes to try different possibilities.
Recently, Cafeina-amarc was born a distribution designed for community radio.
Basically this distribution in addition to editing programs, programs for theautomation of the stations.
While it‘s still in development, the intention is to allow use interesting alternatives toautomation, as rivendell, soma, Janata and live support. (
Get off one of these distributions, start to use them, report errors, and above all, beginto make more rational use of the technological tools we have to help ourorganizations and will allow us to be consistent between what we want and what we do.
To start a download of these distributions, the first thing we have to do is enter thecorresponding web site and download the Live-CD (ISO image).
Then burn this file to a cd or dvd and run it on the computer on which we areworking. So we can see, are like and how they work the programs contained in the
distribution in order to decide which distribution prefer or is good for us. This stepdoes not produce any change in the operating system of your computer, is likereading a CD-ROM. Some programs can be used in this mode, others instead requireto install the distribution on the computer.
Install the distribution in a computer that has yet an operating system is simple and isto follow the steps. If we have a computer running a non-free operating system,maybe we need some help or a little patience to find answers to concerns that we aretaking in distributions or user groups Web pages. One of the characteristics of thesecommunities is precisely, share knowledge and collaborate among peers to find thebest solutions to the problems that the use of the software can introduce ourselves.Everywhere there are manuals for the user, Exchange forums and help, documentationon the development of programs or above

previously performed migration. It is very possible that there is a group of users offree software that can be contacted to find accompaniment and follow-up in the caserequired by the station in the country in which you live.
The experience of the Union of cultural Madrid Radios is a good example of theresults of collaborative work and free. For some time they come developing its ownprogram of automation, which is already used in more than thirty stations. The Janata- emerged from Radio Jabato - is a computer system, developed as a free softwarethat allows recording, reproduction and free exchange of radio content, designedespecially for the use that the Spanish free stations give.

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Diwali is the beginning of the hindu new year and takes place in the month of Kartika (from October 7 to November 8). It’s a party in the evening of the fifth day of its celebration streets are filled night of light and color.A celebration in which families gather to dine together and then out to throw firecrackers and Fireworks. In India the caution when it comes to throwing firecrackers is null and it is normal that if you go through a street that are celebrating Diwali, passes a little scary to see you surrounded by explosions everywhere. Proven.




That day they take advantage to repaint their houses as a symbol of renewal and form beautiful friezes on its doors to attract good luck this year that begins.

The following dates of Diwali are: on October 23, 2014, 11 November 2015, October 30, 2016




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Books to better understand India

Next we will give brief synopsis of some of the best known books on India . When traveling, one of the best ways to know which country is headed we know its history and culture. Of course, reading everything we show take a long time but at least we can help you weigh to choose a book about this amazing country. All are very easy to find in bookstores and online. We hope that after choosing one, enjoy your reading.

Books on India

My experiences with truth (Gandhi): This is Gandhi’s autobiography written with absolute sincerity, and should be considered as his spiritual heritage. Characterized by his generosity and his search for truth, the apostle of non-violence is the character of our time that has believed in man, the dignity and duty of wisdom.

Divergent PDF (Veronica Roth) : A classic. Imperative. Synopsis: The drought is due to Hasari Pal and his family exodus to Calcutta, the sprawling city. Step by step witnessing the decline of the farmer, horse become man, sick in bed, tuberculosis, among lepers in the giant shantytown.

V islumbres India : the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1990 Octavio Paz, is a magnificent book written in 1995 (he died in 1998) in which the writer conveys the message she got this country after having been ambassador to the 1962 and 1968 at the same time the author tells us his experiences gives us an analysis of the history of India, their religion, politics and society how it fits in this country. Anyone who has been to India thinks “is not normal” everything that happens there because we see it from a Western point of view. With this book gets Octavio Paz we achieve this understanding.

Midnight’s Children (Salman Rushdie): Baroque and burlesque Saga taking place in the heart of modern India, this novel is a gruesome contemporary picaresque autobiography of the author of the famous Satanic Verses.

India: (VS Naipaul Nobel Literature 2001.): Stroked without prejudice or sentimentality, lucid, tender and sarcastic view of India that Naipaul offers is a living representation of a complex society in which modernity is woven on a background Traditional. The confrontation between Muslims and Hindus, changes in the role of women, the survival of the ancient rituals, the dynamic film industry, the new literature, changes in the family institution and the permanence of the caste system are aspects that do not escape the sharp look of Naipaul .

The smell of India: The chronicle of a fascination:  Written around a journey through the Indian subcontinent in 1961, The smell of India is the chronicle of a long infatuation. Immersed in a reality so distant, Pasolini weaves a text in which, often, the anthropological and ethical inquiry coexists with the fascination with the unknown: on the one hand the beauty of the temples of Varanasi, Bombay nights, the banks of Ganges, all the charm of a foreign land and incomprehensible; on the other, the horro of existence that leads there: “life in India, has the characters of unbearability” Pasolini says.

The fault in our stars pdf (John Green) :  The author recounts how he started his romantic affair with India since arriving many years. Account comoCollins, arrives in New Delhi to write the remarkable story of Indian independence from the British Empire. This will be the start of a wonderful love story, born from this first trip strong, intense and sincere relationship between India and the writer, who has since devoted entirely to humanitarian aid. India, mon amour. An unforgettable hymn to life and hope, united by a common thread that comes from an Indian proverb: “All that is not given is lost.”

India: Legends and Customs:   Going to the point and enjoyable to read. Answer all the questions about India: Why are sacred cows? What is the caste system? What the marks mean on the forehead, and the colors of the turbans? And for dessert, a wide selection of popular legends.

The Bandit Queen ( Phoolan Devi) : Successful portrait of the world of castes in India. Official biography of the famous Bandit Queen. Phoolan fight for freedom in a hopeless situation. He suffered the worst humiliations low caste girl may suffer. But she chose to rebel and become “The Bandit Queen” until its surrender, negotiated under the government of Indira Ganghi.

Tonight freedom  (Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins) tells the fall of the British Empire in 1947 and the birth of India and Pakistan, following the footsteps of the last Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten and Mahatma Ghandi. The book concludes with the assassination of the latter. To write  tonight freedom , Lapierre  and Collins  took four years of efforts, traveled 250,000 miles and using every conceivable means of locomotion, including horse and elephant, and collected thousands of pages of archive, photographs and unpublished documents. 

A good game (Vikram Seth):  Considered the most complete novel about Indian society. “You too will marry whom I say,” says Mrs Rupa Mehra Lata her daughter at the beginning of this story.Since then, finding a good match for Lata becomes the engine of this extraordinary cool fifties India, a country still staunch the wounds of its recent independence and the trauma of Partition;where modernization efforts encounter the ancient customs of centuries of tradition and where marriages are concluded by family interests.

The  wagon women:  Akhila, a forty-something, single, and who has always relied on her family, feels a sudden urge to run away from everything. In the van of a train through India toward the south, is traveling with five others with whom they share confidences. Janaki, a confused mother;Margaret, a professor of chemistry with a tyrannical husband; Prabha, a submissive wife who seeks his true identity; Sheela, a girl of fourteen who covers the last wishes of her grandmother better than anyone; Marikolanthu, who has lived more experiences than all of them together; and Akhila, who hopes that they will change your life. Six characters who cross “The wagon women” to find love, marriage, family, friendship and work in India … and the world.

The God of Small Things : A tale of three generations of a family in the region of Kerala, in southern India, which scatters the world and is reunited in their homeland. A story is many stories.The English girl Sophie Moll who drowned in a river and whose accidental death marked forever the lives of those who were involved.

In the land of cows without eyes : An exciting action adventure, love and pain that reveals the inner life of Hindu women. A series of unforgettable characters face an unjust war that threatens their lives, their ways of thinking and feeling. A kind of spiritual journey that will lead them to explore and discover an almost unknown to Western world.