Five Ways Directory Listing Can Work As a Leverage Point for Your Business

Web directories can be termed as new-age marketing tools that not only effective, but are mostly free to use. If you are operating your business in India and you are looking to create some traction in the market, there’s no better way than using a business directory to maximize your business visibility. Recent consumer behaviour statistics suggest that average Indians are more comfortable with the idea of looking up a business name in a popular directory than searching for business names and types on Google. How to exploit this enormous opportunity to leverage your business growth? Here are some tips.

Make sure you are joining the top directory


One of the most clichéd (and yet most relevant) imperatives for joining the web directory bandwagon is to create your account on any of those top directories. Every other day, a web marketer is launching his or her web directory, just to make some easy money on the web. Do not fall in these traps. Instead, choose a directory that has presence in multiple countries or even better, continents. This will help your business climb up the search site visibility ladder pretty quickly.

Mix directory listing with SEO

One of the most successful marketing hacks that have worked wonders for several Indian entrepreneurs is to mix SEO with directory listing. In fact, it is proven most effective online marketing mix that has really worked for some very well-known brands. If you can write your content in an SEO-friendly way, get quality backlinks and do regular social shares on Twitter and Facebook, you are heading the right direction. Now, it’s time to bring online directory listing to your digital marketing mix. How to do that effectively? Please read on.

Furnish precise contact information

Many search marketers repeat the costly mistake of not furnishing business names and addresses properly during business listing. As many online directories as now-a-days come with location-specific search functions and integrated GPS, it is essential that you specify your business address and other relevant info in a precise manner so that interested and prospective customers can find you and contact you without a hitch. It comes with almost all categories, so whatever business you are doing, there is a place to add your listing there. This way, you are able to promote your business in an online way effectively.

Keep in mind that most web surfers and online buyers have a relatively short attention span and they will hardly stay on your page (inside a directory) and chances are there that they will move to other pages. Chances missed are chances gone!

Choose the right category

If you are still undecided about which category describes your business the best, you should contact the live support of an online business directory or reach out to them using any of the communication modes available. However, it is imperative that you check out the options and choose the categories wisely. Why so? This is because many customers have a tendency to narrow down their search using the category options. So, there you go.

Link your social media profiles

If the business directory you are using has provision for linking your social media profiles, do that. Otherwise, you could just copy and paste the URLs of your social media pages while filling your details. This will help your potential customers in finding your social media pages as well and they can easily connect with you in the social sphere as well. This may translate into long-term business and client acquisition possibilities. Studies also suggest that planned social media marketing helps in customer retention big time.

If you are still undecided about which business directory to choose, here’s a small final tip. Enlist your business in as many business directories as you can as it maximizes your brand visibility.