India launches a food security project for the poor

The Indian government has launched in various parts of the country’s food scales security program that will offer subsidized 64% of the population food, representing about 782 million people, reported local media.

The ambitious project, approved by decree in early July by the Indian government, has a cost of 22,000 million (over 16.3 million) and was developed by the president of the ruling Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi.

The Congress leader ja food program launched from New Delhi to commemorate the birthday of her late husband, the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi – because it was said, “one of his dreams” andcould not fulfill it to be killed .

The food safety law guarantees 75% of rural households and 50% of urban the right to acquire seven monthly kilos of grain at subsidized prices.

According to the last official census of 2011, 833 million people live in rural areas of the Asian giant and 377 million in urban areas, so the plan would benefit approximately 64% of the population , some 782 million people.

The law, however, must still be approved by both houses of parliament, although the government is “optimistic” and expected to enter into force before the general elections of 2014, which could bring him support in the polls of the lower classes .

But the government did not have it easy, because many opposition political parties, including important allies of the government and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP, its acronym in English) have claimed more than 260 amendments to the law to support it .

“We support the law because it is made ​​for the poor , but we want certain changes are made, “said an MP from BSP, according to the Indian agency IANS.

The main formation of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party conservative, is not opposed in principle to the law, but asked to be debated in Parliament.

Despite rapid growth in India in the last two decades, 80% of its 1,210 million people live on less than two dollars (one and a half euros) per day and of them 22% on less than 50 cents amount according to the Indian government, marks the poverty line.

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