Indian users prefer business-oriented apps in their smartphones

Users of smart phones in India are the most comprehensive users (apps for short) mobile applications, and prefer business-oriented apps compared to users from other countries, according to a global study by Nokia and Cornell University.

In this study the Indians wish to make use of technology and new applications faster than users in Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, the UK, Singapore, South Africa and USA. According to analysis by PBS, are the most advanced users (progressive) mobile application: use them to enhance their capabilities and value and use as a tool, not as a luxury. Nokia will use the results to guide the work of app promotion developers depending on markets ..

More than half of respondents in India benefited from their applications, using them primarily for travel or trips and at home. More than three quarters of the sample had about 30 apps on their smartphones. The musical and social networking apps were the most popular, followed by the applications used for business facilitators (utility apps) and games. Furthermore, the research found a considerable variation in the use of mobile applications in different regions of India.

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