Making a travel leaflet of India

India has about five million tourists a year and many of them are healthy Americans or retired. Because of this, the demand for information on tourism in India has also increased. You might propose a challenge to create a travel leaflet for the country, or might simply want to design a brochure as an example of your talent in graphic design. Learn how to illustrate and create an informative and interesting leaflet from start to finish.

  1. India investigates the fullest. The best way to do this is to venture to India in person and check out the sights and sounds by itself. If you can make the trip, bring India to you in the form of books, videos and Internet resources.

  2. Decide what you want to highlight in your travel leaflet . Note that most travel leaflet have a little of everything inside. Be sure to mention the beaches of India, every 4671 miles (7517 km) of them, historic monuments (cave shelters Stone Age located in Madhya Pradesh) or industry world’s largest cinema, Bollywood.

  3. Write for your audience. Travel leaflets are meant to be informative, but short and easy to read for potential tourists. Many people with different educations, ages and interests read travel leaflets, therefore, maintain a simple and concise writing.

  4. Collect photographs for your leaflet . Use personal photographs from your trip or search the Internet or library of photographs. Just make sure to credit the photographers for their work.

  5. Build your booklet. One of the most professional ways to do this is by using the computer. There are many programs that will help you make a glossy brochure. “Adobe Illustrator” and “InDesign” both have great programs to guide three leaves. You can also use the “Adobe Photoshop” to edit your photos.

  6. Leaflet distribution. Distributes it to family and friends or ask local businesses if you can put your brochure on their counters. Take the brochure to your yoga class, park or work. Even if you do not think people would be interested in traveling to India, they might be interested in your artistic talent and could generate more creative opportunities for you.

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