Movies recommended for your trip to India

India is the world, ahead of Hollywood film industry first . It is a factory that produces hundreds of movies a year. And at the same time India is a suggestive place, which has served as a stage for many arguments and stories on the big screen.
Here we collect some recommended films on xmovies8 – one of the most popular website to watch series online free to the ones who want to enjoy a trip to India… or, why not, to enjoy more travel that you did and recognize places, people, anecdotes.

It is a list of many possible. In fact we encourage you to share your favorite movies here, with us.

Gandhi, portada de la películaGandhi.
It is not a film of Indian nationality, but this is the life of one of the most famous people in the history of this country. Essential for many of the events that marked the fate of millions of people, including the Indian independence and partition in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Wonderful film starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Richard Attenborough.

We can not forget of Deepa Mehta, Indian Director based in Canada that usually provide a very personal point of view of the Indian reality:
Fuego, portada película


It is essential to reflect on the importance of the Indian family, with their characteristic values, traditions and secrets.
Ashok and Radha have 15 years married, their traditional roles to play to perfection. The mother and brother of the husband also live with them. But the family grows and revolutionizes is when brother marries Sita.


Tierra, portada película


Places us at the time of the Indian particicion, in 1947, and how this affects the harmony in a group of Hindu and Muslim friends.
Full emancipation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi (late 1930s), somewhere in india in an 8-year-old girl he married an old man who dies that night. Following the fate that marks the tradition, the young wife prepares is joining an ashram for widows where you must spend the rest of his life.

Bollywood / Hollywood.
With a more playful approach, but not without background or social criticism, Deepa Mehta is the story of a young man and wife rico Indian Canadian citizen fighting for his family to leave to try to find him. Again the clash between the traditional values and modernity, and reflection and questioning on moral principles.

Monsoon wedding.
Directed by Mira Nair in 2001, it is a very-award-winning film that uses as an excuse to show conflicts between modernity and tradition and certain moral values of the current India preparations for a wedding. To punjabi style, the film is full of color, music and dancing.

Apu trilogy.

Apu-portada2If we look at more classic film, it is inevitable to make reference to the called Apu trilogy, by the renowned director Satyajit Ray. His three films:
Pather Panchali (The song of the road), Aparajito and Apu Sansar (the world of Apu) narrates the story of a family from the East of the country struggling against bad luck. The father makes a living as a priest and healer and mother struggles to feed her family. Then born Apu, the new son, who grows and learns to reach maturity over the different films, facing a world in which it is not easy to overcome.

Lagaan-portada películaLagaan, once upon a time in India.
Nominated for the Oscar for best film removed, is one of the best-known and winners of Indian cinema films. The argument is striking, funny and gives rise to discover many tracks of the Indian character and way of life in their villages.
“During the English occupation of the India, the inhabitants of a small village are reluctant to pay the tax that the British officers have doubled. Faced with protests decided to resolve the conflict by playing a game of cricket: If win the peasants, shall indemnify it rates.

Swades portada películaSwades, we the people.
Another classic that massively filled the rooms in India. It is the story of an Indian immigrant in the USA who leads a life of success and returns to India with the intention to be with her nanny. It is a journey of initiation in which rediscovers its roots.


And it is worth mentioning some big blockbusters. Typical films that everyone has seen, something like “popular classics”… Although today will perhaps be more difficult to find.Although in the case of blockbuster movies in India and given the Indian passion for cinema… the list would be endless.

dilwale dulhaniaDilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (The Big Hearted Will Take Away The Bride)
On the dilemma of marriage for love against the arranged marriage. A beautiful love story in the style of Bollywood, full of hit songs and dances.

Qayamat is Qayamat Tak (From The End To The End)
Another love story without family consent, with a soundtrack that everyone recognized in India.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? (Who Am I To You?)
The preparations for a wedding give rise to one of the most classic films of Indian cinema.

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