The Indian Ocean psychiatrists strengthen cooperation

The Indian Ocean psychiatrists began Monday at the consultation meeting for launching avenues for cooperation in the prevention and the treatment of mental illness among the countries of the zone.
This is a week of discussions and exchanges organized under the auspices of WHO by the Reunion Association for research and study in psychiatry and the Scientific Committee of the World Health Organization as theme: “Mental Health and Psychiatry: assessments and prospects in the Indian Ocean.
What regional cooperation for tomorrow? “Dr. Jean-Luc Roelandt, head of the psychiatry department at the hospital in Lille (France), co-author of the report Piel-Roelandt” In psychiatry to mental health, “submitted to the Ministry of Affairs Social in July, is on site since Sunday to set up regional cooperation between France, Mauritius, Madagascar and the Comoros on the occasion of this meeting.
In his report by california psychics review, Dr. Roelandt highlights the need to promote speech and the power of service users, to implement the psychiatric facilities in the city and set a ten-year plan of psychiatric hospitals closing after creation territorial department of Psychiatry.
According to WHO, 50 million people suffer from such disorders gradually leading them towards exclusion.
The number of depressions has doubled in ten years worldwide, now representing the second cause of morbidity.
The WHO, which is concerned about the lack of interest shown by governments to these questions, believes that psychiatric hospitals have not proven their effectiveness and, therefore, mental illness must be supported by the community.
Depression, alcohol abuse, schizophrenia, epilepsy, dementia, suicide.
The data presented in the 2001 report of the WHO show that 20 to 25% of the total world population suffers from a mental disorder at some point in his life.

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