YouTube: The Indian driving in reverse

We know that traffic in India is totally chaotic and drive there becomes a martyr at any time of day. And that tasted good Harpeet Devi, a citizen who suffered greatly with this.

One day, to his misfortune, Fiat introduced its failures in the gearbox and was forced to go to a workshop in reverse, as it had blocked him other changes.

And what began as a necessity convirió was an obsession for Devi. The man even changed the gearbox of the Fiat and now has four speeds in reverse and go forward, she says in a video posted on YouTube.

As the man said, the car reaches 80 km / h in reverse and the government of the area has given up driving permit this. However, due to the driving position, Harpeet Devi has begun to suffer problems in the neck and back, although he claims never severe enough to stop driving.

The video was posted a few days ago and it is shown how to promote youtube video the right way.

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